The Hadleigh Home Front during the Great War


During 2012-2013 the Hadleigh Society undertook a research project entitled ‘The Hadleigh Home Front during the Great War’.  With access to the town and county archives, the society were able build a fascinating picture of life at that time.  The society gathered their information from various sources that included; town council records, police reports, newspaper stories, school diaries, letters and post cards and personal memories.  

On completion of their project, the society presented their findings to a large gathering in the Guild Hall using 4 speakers, each covering a specific theme i.e. council records, school diaries, etc.  The story was told in chronological order using a projector and screen to illustrate.  A second projector and screen was used to overlay the key dates and events of the Great War, allowing the viewer to relate events happening at home to what was happening in the wider war.

As part of the ‘Hadleigh Great War Centenary Project’ the Hadleigh Society have given permission for their project to be included in this website.  The research is arranged by year.