The Hadleigh & District Royal British Legion includes the surrounding villages of Aldham, Elmsett, Kersey, Layham and Whatfield in its catchment area.  The population of all these villages would have had very close contact with Hadleigh and so their memorials are recorded here. 

The Aldham War Memorial is a framed print produced by Mr Percy Taylor of Hadleigh.  It lists the men of Aldham parish who served during the Great war.  The four men of Aldham who fell are denoted by a cross next to their name.  They are:

Walter Mower

George Mower

Horace George Newman

Roland Newman

Norice and Roland Newman were brothers.  Walter and George Mower were cousins.

Walter Mower is buried in the churchyard.  This is Walter's story




Walter Mower's Story

Walter Mower was born in 1895.